New Year Resolutions


The ideas and opinions expressed here are those of a funky Canadian chick whose first language is French. We cannot be held accountable for her cool outlook on life nor any spelling mistakes and creative phrasing she may come up with...

I am usually more of a “beginning-of-the-school-year” than a “Happy New Year” typa girl.

There is something about the crispness of the air and in the way the lower sunlight hits trees and walls in the beginning of September that gives me renewed energy.  In January, I’m usually feeling tired or down and a little overweight from overindulging over the holidays. My body craves daylight and there is close to none. Also, I find that most people retire or isolate themselves in January, either overdosed by too many parties in December, or also feeling low and fat and sluggish. Social events are scarce. 
Albeit all this, I make an effort every year to try to join in the suggested "renaissance" feeling: I write down a few resolutions, tongue in cheek (or fingers crossed?)

Do they account for real success? Well, maybe yes!!? Because I realize, over the years, I have engaged in more or less the same internal motivational monologue and that continuity has definitely served me better than dispersion would have. Every year, I add a few bricks to last year’s foundation, slowly building a better life, a life I want to love!

So what are these constant resolutions? I hear you ask. Well, they revolve over the generic themes of the happy new year’s wishes: health, success, joy, money, relationships, etc. But many years of rewording has evolved into motto-like statements, serving me now as “Mission Statements”:

HEALTH: I divide in 2 categories – Body and mind

  • Body: Be Beautiful Naked (more on that later* – much much more on that later)
  • Mind: Love yourself enough so you do not DEPEND on anyone else’s love. (more on that later too!!)

SUCCESS: Daily success, long term successes.

  • Daily: 3 kicks-in-the-butt a day: do something you fear, do something you hate and do something new.
  • Long Term: what would a 70 year old Geneviève would regret when looking back at her life? Well, make sure it doesn’t happen! Believe me, a grumpy 70 year old Geneviève would be a real pain in the butt…


  • Beauty and love are everywhere, keep your eyes and your heart open to them.
  • Critical people are everywhere too. No matter what you’ll do. Ignore them and mind your own fun.


Money is both real and artificial: play the game. Play it fair. Win the game. With your team. Keep expending your team (more on that later too)


Other people’s successes are your successes too. Be a good partner. Be a good helper.


Funny I am starting this new blog (and launching my website) pretty much around New Year this year…I wish to keep elaborating on the themes above over the year…this might reinforce my commitment? And it will definitely help you getting to know me better!!

By posting this blog TODAY, I can already tick two kicks-in-the-butt! Do something you fear, do something new!! And every time I clean up the house, I do something I hate. This can also be ticked for today... HA!

Talk soon!

*later= futur posts.

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