I want it all!!!


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Actually, this might become my new motto, or the underlying theme of my blog: I WANT IT ALL!!! Nope, has nothing to do with my wish list for Christmas although 'tis the season. It really has to do with my huge appetite for enjoying life at its fullest!! I want to look back at my life later and say: gosh!!! did I enjoy it!!!

Enjoying life and taking wide hungry bites at it come in different forms: whether you make time everyday to express love and kindness to the people around you or simply sing out loud while riding your bicycle - ignoring other riders' puzzled look, you are consciously carving your life out of this powerful raw material you have been given: time!! Making the best out of it - making it yours.

We have all heard it before: enjoy the present moment, bless that day you were given, live as if there was no tomorrow. Sometimes, it takes a while for these words of wisdom to hit home.
You might step outside of your comfort zone once and realize just how "alive" that made you feel or you might witness the premature death of a loved one and say to yourself: that's it! No more postponing, no more excuses, I've got to start living NOW! 

Well, although I've felt these urges in many sporadic sprouts in my life, I am definitely riding one big wave of lust for life at the moment. The beauty is that it eventually becomes a self sufficient beast that feeds itself on its own waste!! ...hmmm, maybe not so convincing of an image. Let me explain: like any major action we want to make, it does require a fair bit of energy to get started - to actually transform a thought into something concrete, a desire into a satisfied need. The law of inertia. But once you get started, oh my, does it give back tenfold! You soon get on "a roll" and start swinging from fun to fun,  like Tarzan swings seemingly effortlessly from vine to vine! 

How do you get started, you ask? Well, I am pretty sure you know how!! It is that little calling you have felt for a while, but ignored because it was silly, unreasonable, too daring or simply seemed impossible. Well I say: give it a little try and see how it feels. Dare to be, dare to do!
BUT remember to stay loving and respectful all the while. This is really not about being selfish to the point of hurting deliberately other people. But it is also not about keeping yourself from living the life you want because of what people are going to think. Let them think while you do!!!

So, I am super interested in finding out how YOU live YOUR life intentionally? How do you carve your destiny, day by day, step by step? Tell me what you did recently that made you think: "oh god! I so rock!! " or "LIFE so freakin' rock!!"

Now, before I leave I will tell you what have been my latest achievements:

- first of all, a little vanity!! I've decided to wear nicer clothes (ok, my wardrobe is still limited - or is not as diversified or elegant as I'd like it to be, but I try to make the best out of what I have!). I am young and beautiful and I want to enjoy this as much as I can while it is still here, so I can be a happy grandma in sweat pants later on- and without regrets!!

- I do sing out loud when I ride my bicycle!! Not only is the ride more fun, but it is also a very good challenge for the breath. It is also a very effective way to learn to let go of what people think of me.

- I have joined a class of hot yoga. It is god damn hard at times, but it does wonder to my body and mind. And it makes me proud of myself - which pays high dividends straight into my joy jar.

- I make sure I spend time with my beautiful children pretty much every day and I cook them dinners with lots of love - if not with skills :P

- I hug my wonderful husband with my most tender heart when he sleeps very deeply and has no clue I'm all love for him!!

Simple, simple joys. What are yours?

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