My Beauty Motto: being beautiful naked!

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So....long time no talk, right? Last time I wrote (New Year Resolutions) was in January and my intention was to write at least once a month...I need to get my act together otherwise I'll have to add "be more regular and consistent with my blog postings" to my list of resolutions next year...

So here we are, blog number 2, this time on one of my favorite topics: beauty....but not any kind of beauty, no, naked beauty.

If you remember, on the top of my list of resolutions, under the subtitle Health, was 'being beautiful naked". I promised to give more details. Here they are.

So, what do I mean exactly by "being beautiful naked" and how is this health related, you ask.. Other than being slightly on the sensational side, this well selected appellation can serve as a motto, a slogan, a mission statement. By naked, not only do I imply without clothes, but I also mean without makeup, without props, without help, just myself, feeling beautiful.  It is a bit of fantasy, but it is inspiring. And there is room for interpretation....and also room for a few cheats ;)

By fantasy, I am not referring to the nudity part... I do not fantasize about walking around naked. I'm talking about the seemingly unattainable goal. Let's face it,  every day that goes by takes me one step further away from looking beautiful - in the traditional, plastic way - without any assistance.  Age is not tender on the looks. Skin gets drier, less supple, fat start to linger on all the wrong places, hair moves from scalp to chin, veins start to creep up and twist as if they wanted to exit the body. Still, I love to hold on to this concept of looking beautiful naked because it forces me to take good care of myself. If I do not want to put concealer or blush on my face, well I got to get enough sleep, get my daily dose of exercise and fresh air and eat nutritious food. If I cannot rely on beautifully cut but expensive designer clothes to give my body an elegant silhouette, I better keep fit and maintain an A class posture. And yes, when it is time to bare it all out, I'm talking about being completely naked, whether in bed or at the sauna, then I must learn to love myself so I look good in my skin - because there is nothing else to look good into! Yes, loving myself, number two on my list of resolutions, still under the subtitle "health". Self love, the patch that bridges the gap between the fantasy of looking good naked and the more attainable reality of feeling good naked.

“Hey, good, but didn’t you mention “cheats” somewhere above?”

Oh yes I did :)

But you will have to be patient…I’ll reveal them all in due time.

Let’s just say for now that over the years, I have been keeping an eye on new technology, things that work. For instance, I had a bunch of broken capillaries around my nose that I eventually got dissolved with 2 laser treatments. So now, when I go to the beach, instead of having to wear concealer around the nose, which would probably be gone after one swim, I just have to wear a bikini...and hopefully, this one will stay on!!!

Here is more info on laser therapy for spider veins

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