This is it!!!

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This is it! This is it! My favorite time of year!! This time culminating with so many more milestones then just the start of the school year. 

In the last months, I have been guilty of a very common sin: I have put my life on hold. Of course not completely, but a fair bit. You see, I have known for almost a year now that I would be moving from Germany to the Netherlands, precisely in Amsterdam. I knew the move would happen sometimes between the end of the school year and the beginning of the new one, aka "in the summer"!! For the longest time, there were still lots of unknown variables, like what school the kids would go to, where exactly we would move, in which neighborhood. But with the move of my photography business, there were also lots of complicated logistics.

Moving is never an easy task, especially when moving in a different country. Add to this the following elements and you have the perfect recipe for Overwhelmus Discourageatum:

the German language, the Dutch language, the extensive German bureaucracy, the extensive Dutch bureaucracy, Amsterdam's crazy hot housing market, Amsterdam's crazy English school market, insurance companies (German, Dutch, Canadian, all of them), ...Oh I could go on and on and complain, and whine and vent.

But I won't, because today, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Both of my amazing-oh-so-charming-smart-irresistible-funny-freakinly-lovable-yet-slighty-too-enclined-to-spend-their-summer-in-a-dark-den-playing-on-their-phones-kids, as of today, are back to school - because, yes, we eventually found an appropriate school for each of them. I have now pretty much settled into my new studio (Thank you Nerita for subletting me your beautiful space while you are on maternity leave! ...must be photographing newborns that got you this silly idea of having a child!! ;) Check out her amazing work at and well, we are still in temporary housing, looking for a new home in Amsterdam's crazy hot market. But I can cope with that. After all, as I was riding my bicycle this morning for my daily dose of fresh air (uh-uhm) and adrenaline, I could only understand why everybody wants to live here!!! I love my new city!!

So, here I am, after months of transitioning, of telling myself 'I'll do this later, once this is done, or when that's over", I am now starting to reap all those wonderful feelings that come with "a new start"!

And I no longer feel like I am waiting for something. That's always a good one to get rid of...Isn't that what they call "living in the present moment"? Well, let's do it! NOW!

Happy beginning of the school year everyone!!

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