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Holidays are coming - at least if you live in Noord Holland. 

How are you? It's been a while! I've had a very overwhelming winter, really busy, with lots of business, lots of domestic duties, lots of parental fun, but not enough healthy, feel good times.
You know, those moments that feel a little guilty, 'cause they are too smooth and struggle free?

Oh well, a constant work in progress. I have been following a beautiful path of implementing a new habit or mood every month, guided by the new moon, my periods or simply the new page on the calendar. It seems like tackling a new virtue/mission/resolution/goal a month is sound and reasonable. Something I believe I can achieve. And I enjoy it!

Month 1 was about straightening my finances.

Month 2 was identifying the sensations of stress in my body and appeasing them.

Month 3 was about checking what I eat and why.

Month 4 was about ...well. Month 4 was so busy I dropped the whole thing.

Not good!

As month 5 is coming and I am just about to get on a 1 week holiday (swimming with dolphins in the wild!) and then on my way to Italy for an exclusive portfolio building workshop near Venice with epic Sue Bryce (www.suebryce.com), followed by a heart warming photography retreat with colleagues and long time friends near Bologna and, whether I decide to book it or not tonight, a 4 day solo retreat in a castle in Tuscany - EAT, PRAY & LOVE style - to find my way, connect with my creative self and sing like nobody is listening in overgrown orchards. The theme this month will be: GOING FOR WHAT FEELS GOOD!!!

Yes, as I am just about to book my self a little oasis of "me time", I am starting to feel a bit guilty. Do I really have the money? Is this reasonable? Even writing this blog tonight when I should be packing and editing photos feels "naughty". But it also feels good!!

So be it!

I will be disconnected for a while (until May 6th) and that will feel awesome!

And I will be away for Mothers' Day. BUT I have a superb promotion going on nevertheless! You can purchase it in advance - as a gift to yourself, or you can hint it not very subtly to your loved ones, so they buy it for you - a beautiful "Thank Me Session" to celebrate who you are, your beauty, your soul, your achievements, everything you've given for free, without counting, for years! Let it be all ABOUT YOU this time!!! Find out more here:


Enjoy me and my newly acquired skills, relaxed and generous mood, upon my return from paradise on earth. I'll be back feeling nourished, ready to give, eager to put a loving mirror in front of yourself - my camera -  to show you just how beautiful, radiant and worthy of a great life you are. Remember, the more we give to ourselves, the more we can give to others,
What if being selfish was actually quite "altruistic"?
Time to say "THANK ME"!


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