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What is YOUR Name?
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What is the Name of your FABULOUS WOMAN?
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If selected, your guest must able to make it to my studio in Amsterdam! Dates are somewhat flexible...
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She is smart, she is strong. 

She is fun, she is wild.

She is pure genius.

She is wise. 

She's had an epic life.

Or she simply is the kindest person you've ever met.

She is beautiful.

She is your sister, your friend, your neighbour, your colleague, your mother, your grandmother...and she deserves to be celebrated.

Is there a 50+ and fabulous woman in your surrounding who deserves to be celebrated?

Please fill the form and you and your nominee might be selected for the following:

  • A contemporary portrait session with elegant, timeless hair and makeup for 2 -YOU and your fabulous 50+ Woman! 
  • 3 selected images among a collection of ca.25 (digital format as well as matted prints) (one of each of you individually and one of the two of you together)
  • A fun and unforgettable moment for the two of you! 
  • VALUE: 1150€*

I will personally select the three (3) 50+ and fabulous women. Their names will be revealed in my upcoming Fall newsletter.

*some conditions apply (Photographer to maintain all rights on all images)

Photo sessions to take place in November


Martine F. by GENEVIÈVE CHASSÉ portraits 1.jpg


Geneviève has been photographing women for more than 4 years, but she has been drawing them since she's a preschooler!! Passionate about health, beauty and personal development, Geneviève's aim is to ease you into a state of confident grace so your inner beauty can shine and be forever captured by her camera. 

"I combine years of experience as a traditional portraitist with contemporary photography and digital art skills to produce beautiful and/or creative portraits that have the power to change the way you see yourself.
Whether you simply want fabulous pictures of yourself (see A Shoot with Geneviève), or wish to transcend your mortal character by being immortalized on an artistic fresque (Custom fine Arts), I would be sincerely delighted to allow my talents to serve you and make your dreams come true!"

Many women believe Glamour Photography is for thin models or young women only. 

But I believe that with elegant styling, proper lighting, smart posing, professional directing and a pleasant ambiance, most women will feel very confident in front of the camera, delivering their most graceful expressions for me to capture. 
Look at the gallery below for exemples of same day transformations done in my studio.



Why rush through the process of a photoshoot when the goal is to have pictures that will last you a lifetime?
When choosing Geneviève Chassé Portraits for your photographic needs, you are signing up for quality! From the initial consultation to the post processing of your images, every step of the way will receive the proper attention it deserves. 

First, schedule your portrait session. The portrait session is currently offered at 350€ and includes:



      • either in person, on Skype or over the phone. 
      • your questions answered: what to wear, how to prepare? what is included in my package?
      • my questions answered: what are your photographic desires and needs?

      Photo Session (350€ for a double makeover - yes! you can come with your child, mother, friend or spouse)

      • done in my daylight studio or on location (additional costs may occur for on location shoots)
      • styling by a professional hair and makeup artist
      • photo shoot (up to 5 changes of outfits for individual shoot, 2-4 for dual or more)
      • light refreshments
      • usually done sometime between 9h-16h
      • Plan 4-5 hours for the whole experience.

      Viewing Session

      • on average 7-10 days after the photo shoot
      • reveal of 25-30 impeccably retouched pictures
      • client selects the images they wish to purchase (no obligation to purchase anything...although we wish to make all pictures irresistible!!)


      Images sold separately

      single image starts at 250€ and packages start at 590€


      payment plans available

      Own a beautiful tableau completely inspired by your story!

      Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid, an elf or any character from a novel, poem or song? Would you love to immortalise your loved one's grace onto an oil painting like tableau that will be forever cherished as a family heirloom?
      Anything is possible!!
      In fact, I love making customized Fine Arts and would be delighted to discuss a possible "mise en scène" where you or your loved one gets to play the first role!

      Have a look a the gallery below to see exemples of customized Fine Arts I made for clients
      I am looking forward to make your dreams come true!

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