What kind of GRANNY do you want to become?

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uhmm, tempting to believe this will never happen. I will never be old, wrinkled, stiff as a stick.
I will never die.

ahah!! good luck with that G.! Every second that passes by takes a piece of your youth away.
That said, I could have an accident, an agressive cancer and never make it to old age. Sad.

After all, getting older is a privilege!!

Let's be optimistic and assume I will be living a looong life. What kind of granny do I want to become? 

I want to be a smiling granny, whose face is crackled by years of bright smiles.
I want to be a granny that young kids love. Kids have a talent at sensing grumpy souls. As a kid, I would barely noticed the grey hair, the folds in the skin, the funny posture. What I noticed was an energy. A sweet, warm and kind one. Or a scary, sad and lonely one.
I don't mind being crooked and bald, but let me keep my belly laugh and may my heart remain plump and juicy.

Let there be no regrets. I want to look back at my younger years and be proud. Proud for having lived my life to the fullest, proud of the risks I have taken, proud of the mistakes I made, of the growth they provided, proud of all the joy, the fun, the excitement I experienced while creating enthusiastically. unafraid of what people would think about me. Proud of having made a difference.

I want abundance. I don't need a mansion and expensive jewelry. I want to live colourfully, not worrying about how I'm gonna pay my next massage, house party, trip to the North Pole and cool designer reading glasses. 

Let me have lots of friends. All over the world. And I want to keep on having silly fun with them. Dressing up, tricking each others with practical jokes.

I want to keep on learning. I want to keep on singing. I want to keep on rejoicing in the beauty of the women photograph.

I want health. Life force still circulating.
And while we're at it, let me have many grand-children...and cats, real or porcelaine!! 

What about you? What kind of granny do you want to be? 

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